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About Free Skool Santa Cruz

Part of creating a new world is resistance to the old one, including the ways we learn and relate to each other.

Join us for the Spring/Summer 2023 session of Free Skool Santa Cruz! Part 1 of our calendar goes from May 1st to July 15th. In early July, we will request classes for part 2 of the Free Skool Santa Cruz Summer session (July 16 – September 30th). 

Thinking about early July: What classes would you like to see this spring/summer??? What skills would you like to share? What types of classes would help grow more vibrant, self-reliant and mutually supportive communities? Part of creating a new world is resistance to the old one. Through this project, we want to contribute to changing the ways we learn and the ways we relate to each other.

We try to keep Free Skool firmly fixed in a gift economy and outside the stream of commerce. While some teachers may ask for a donation to cover materials, no one is turned away for lack of funds. 

We see Free Skool as a direct challenge and alternative to dominant institutions and hierarchical relationships. The project strives to blur the lines between teacher, learner, and organizer. Free Skool Santa Cruz is decentralized, with classes held in social spaces and parks.

     -Free Skool Santa Cruz collective members

Information for teachers: 

Scheduling & Commitment:  Spring/Summer session – part 1 goes from May 1st – July 15th (then summer session – part 2 goes from July 16th – September 30th). You choose how often you want to teach your classes and what days fit your schedule. If you schedule a class, we ask you to commit to it. Note: while we very much appreciate your excitement to offer a class, perhaps multiple class sessions, we highly discourage weekly classes for a variety of reasons. Contact us if you would like to discuss this more.

Teaching Space:  We encourage teachers to find their own spaces for their classes, but if you need it, we may be able to help you find a location. Classes can potentially be taught in the courtyard outside SubRosa or inside SubRosa depending on health and safety guidelines and other factors.

Deadline:  In early July, we will request classes for part 2 of the Free Skool Santa Cruz Summer session (July 16 – September 30th). 

Teacher Responsibilities:  Free Skool is a decentralized, non-institutional project.  In other words, you and I make it happen. Therefore, you have certain responsibilities as a teacher including respecting general Covid health and safety recommendations.  Promote your class through word-of-mouth, fliering, community outreach, and online.  Work with other Free Skoolers to post calendars and fliers.  Be prompt and reliable. Take good care of the spaces who graciously host your class. Help create a culture of greater caring, sharing, and balance with the earth without money and hierarchy. And let’s enjoy each other’s company and the coming spring and summer!

Please email questions to:

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***Members of the SubRosa collective are involved in this revived and not entirely new, not all too different version of Free Skool Santa Cruz  – a project in mutual aid learning and sharing. And SubRosa/the Hub is a site of a significant amount of classes (although not all!). More info about SubRosa at and the Hub at 

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