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Free Skool 2005-2014 & link to archive of calendars

A version of Free Skool Santa Cruz existed from 2005-2014 – also influenced by a previous Free School in Santa Cruz some years earlier that some 2005 organizers had participated in – by attending and teaching classes. In 2005, organizers decided to do their own version of the project (with a “k” for “Skool”) and a greater focus on radical culture that would be inviting to all. After 9 years and hundreds of classes and participants organizers decided to retire the project and focus elsewhere… and over the years people have fondly remembered the project and the way their lives were enriched by the experience of learning new skills, making friends, sharing passions, and having varied experiences together.

Here is a link to a folder of all of the calendars from 2005-2014: 2005-2014 calendars

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